SeedNew – Accessing and Creating Innovations

SeedNew Token Platform

Our SeedNew Token Platform will be a peer-to-peer fundraising platform. You can fund or create innovative early-stage companies or innovative projects of promising small and medium sized companies. In return, the ventures will share their success through profit participation tokens.

Our SeedNew Token Platform will be developed to provide smart funding to innovative ventures by connecting them with smart investors.


Unique token creation for each venture

SeedNew will create dedicated tokens for each innovative venture. As such, investors will have the possibility to choose tokens from various ventures in different fields of innovation. The ventures then acquire investors who are supportive of their project and as such receive smart funding.

Profit Participation

SeedNew will allow innovative ventures to share their profits with smart investors holding their tokens. As such, the ventures create an incentive for smart investors to fund their project.

Transparency and Security

SeedNew will provide absolute transparency with the ventures and token development by using distributed ledger technology while securing it with cryptography.

Legal Structure

SeedNew will be fully compliant with European transparency, disclosure, and investors protection requirements. European passport regimes will allow to fund ventures by smart investors in all European member states.


SeedNew will allow smart investors to transfer their tokens to any other smart investors creating a decentralized marketplace.

Knowledge and Community

SeedNew will create an environment where smart content for smart investors will be shared between smart investors. Knowledge about innovation will get distributed and increase amongst the SeedNew community.