ORS optimization software makes use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to deliver immediate savings increased revenue and customer experience.

Traded Markets

About the Project

The ORS GROUP is a pioneer in the area of AI-based software solutions for last 20 years. ORS has helped Fortune 500 customers from various fields to optimize trillions of digital transactions on a daily basis. ORS owns more than a hundred proprietary software solutions (the “ORS Hypersmart solutions”) sold to global corporations. Now, ORS is proposing to develop Hypersmart Contracts, intelligent protocols linking AI-based software solutions for optimizing complex business processes under stochastic conditions. Hypersmart Contracts developed by both ORS SA as well as third parties will be freely tradeable on a unique ORS platform using a utility token, the ORST. The ORST will be used for buying and selling Hypersmart Contracts and other digital assets on the ORS Marketplace and to activate AI-based algorithms and/or Hypersmart Solutions (both ORS GROUP’s and certified third parties’ ones) on the ORS SA Platform. ORS Group has successfully completed their Initial Token Sale. The project raised over $ 14 million.

SICOS’ contribution to the success

SICOS started to advise ORS from December 2017 along the whole process of setting up and conducting the ICO, including conceiving the business plan, development of the whitepaper, development of the token economics, as well as various other strategic decisions regarding the token sale.

With the help of SICOS, the company has been able to raise more than 14 Million USD with their ICO.

Token Facts

Total Supply

833.333.33 ORS Tokens


  • Sale: 500 Million Tokens (60%)
  • ORS SA: 127 Million Tokens (15%)
  • ORS Management Team, developers and employees: 83 Million Tokens (10%)
  • Advisors: 58 Million Tokens (7%)
  • Bonus + Incentives: 64 Million tokens (8%)