ODEM is an On-Demand Education Marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform connects students, educators, and service providers where, together, they develop and engage in personal and group, in-person educational programs.

Traded Markets

About the Project

The idea behind ODEM is to take down institutional barriers, as well as fighting the exponential increase of tuition cost by providing an On-Demand education marketplace, which connects students with qualified and verified members of the education industry all around the world.
They offer customized courses, interacting in person and onside in both local, as well as international settings. The use of Ethereum-based smart contracts enables the students and professors to make agreements with the least possible involvement of intermediaries. ODEM’s exchangeable utility tokens (ODE), will act as a common currency to smoothen cross-border payments and to incentivize professors to keep their courses up to date and relevant.

SICOS’ contribution to the success

SICOS started to advise ODEM from September 2017 along the whole process of setting up and conducting the ICO, including conceiving the business plan, development of the whitepaper, development of the token economics, as well as various other strategic decisions regarding the token sale.

With the help of SICOS the company has been able to raise more than 5.7 Million Euro (around 7 Million USD) with their ICO.

Token Facts

Total Supply

397 Million ODEM Tokens


  • Sale: 238 Million Tokens (60%)
    • Pre-Sale: 58 Million Tokens (15%)
    • Public-Sale: 180 Million Tokens (45%)
  • ODEM.io: 71 Million Tokens (18%)
  • Rewards: 43 Million Tokens (11%)
  • Advisors and Team: 43 Million Tokens (11%)