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Traded Markets


Jelurida develops Nxt, a time-tested blockchain platform that was the first to fully adopt the proof-of-stake blockchain model in late 2013, as well as Ardor, a platform implementing a parent-child chain structure with an emphasis on scalability via full node pruning of child chain transactions. This architecture allows for multiple blockchains, known as child chains, to exist on a single platform, thus creating interoperability among them. Originally developed by a group of individual developers, together they formed Jelurida in 2016 and held a token sale in 2017 for Ignis, the first child chain of Ardor which is directly supported by Jelurida. SICOS advised Jelurida on strategic issues related to the IGNIS Token Sale and the development of the white paper. The Initial Token Sale commenced on the 5th of August, 2017 and raised over US $15M in their ICO.

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ODEM allows students around the world to take ownership of their education. The ODEM platform has been made possible by the emergence of cutting-edge blockchain technology that allows qualified and trusted members of the education industry to create customized curriculum and experiences and offer them directly to the market. ODEM will facilitate live, in-classroom experiences, supported by online capabilities. ODEM is more than just an education marketplace. Through Ethereum-based smart contracts, agreements between students and professors will be attained with the least possible involvement of intermediaries. The platform’s exchangeable utility tokens will act as a common currency to smoothen cross-border payments and to incentivize professors to keep their courses up to date and relevant. SICOS advised Odem in conceiving the business plan, development of the white paper, token economics and various strategic decisions of the Token Sale. The project raised over 5.7 Million Euro.

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Traded Markets

Traded Markets


The ORS GROUP is a pioneer in the area of AI-based software solutions for last 20 years. ORS has helped Fortune 500 customers from various fields to optimize trillions of digital transactions on a daily basis. ORS owns more than a hundred proprietary software solutions (the “ORS Hypersmart solutions”) sold to global corporations. Now, ORS is proposing to develop Hypersmart Contracts, intelligent protocols linking AI-based software solutions for optimizing complex business processes under stochastic conditions. Hypersmart Contracts developed by both ORS SA as well as third parties will be freely tradeable on a unique ORS platform using a utility token, the ORST. The ORST will be used for buying and selling Hypersmart Contracts and other digital assets on the ORS Marketplace and to activate AI-based algorithms and/or Hypersmart Solutions (both ORS GROUP’s and certified third parties’ ones) on the ORS SA Platform. ORS Group has successfully completed their Initial Token Sale. The project raised over $ 14 million.

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Ongoing Projects


GoForIt applies PokemonGo's successful concept to the marketing/voucher market in order to solve various pain points in the advertising industry. The app's gamified approach combines the geobased collection of voucher fragments with a token-based marketplace on which required or to be sold fragments or even fully-fledged vouchers can be traded. This new concept opens up completely new possibilities for the user, which are not available in the current marketing world. Furthermore, problems like ad-fraud, data privacy issues and no trackable voucher conversion can be solved.


In order to utilize the big efficiency and sales potential behind decentralized systems, OURZ AG offers a blockchain-based platform on which products can be traced transparently and securely with little effort across the entire supply chain to the consumer.
The data obtained is analyzed for process optimization by the AI, creates transparency-based trust in the end customer and opens up completely new business models.
Unlike large systems vendors and small solution specialists, the OURZ approach is backed by a global market and sector agnostic communications protocol, an AI-driven user experience, and open and free access for businesses and developers.


Tykn proposes to use Distributed Ledger Technology as an instrument to resolve identification problems faced by Non-governmental organizations and aid-agencies in crisis areas. To attain the same Tykn has created ANA: a digital identity attestation system. This system enhances the existing trust at the community level and further improves the registration of the beneficiaries and distribution of aid.
Tykn is in partnership with Netherland Red Cross, for designing and bringing into life the solutions. Currently, Tykn with 510 Data team of the Netherland Red Cross is addressing the issue of beneficiary registration for an improved cash-based assistance program in St. Martin. However, the main aim is to expand the coverage and include all the places (pressing geographies) where problems are acute. Currently, SICOS is assisting Tykn with the token modeling and technical development.