Strategic ICO consultancy

Making ICOs Simple, Secure, and Smart

Competent Consulting for the Future of Funding

In the first quarter of 2018, over US $6.3 Billion in total funding have been raised by various organizations through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). SICOS aids this ecosystem by guiding ventures through the process of conceiving, planning, and implementing ICOs. SICOS is also responsible for connecting ventures with relevant partners for improving and developing token models as well as a workable business plan around it. The team leverages its expertise in compiling ICO white papers and other relevant communication documents to ensure that your venture's message is heard right. It also provides ongoing support to blockchain-based business models regarding the implementation of the created architecture for their ICO with the best practices in the industry in mind.

SICOS provides unique services for upcoming ICOs in the crypto world

ICO Strategy and Project Management

To set the foundation for a successful ICO, SICOS helps clients to optimize their project management and supports them with elaborate strategies for completing their ICO.

Token Modeling & Token Economics

SICOS helps to structure the overall token model, token supply, and other relevant aspects of the ICO. Our experts take into consideration the economic incentives and theories while structuring the Token Sale (ICO).

Regulatory Assistance

SICOS connects clients with legal partners who will provide a full range of legal services. Their competent advice on regulatory requirements or tax questions will guarantee a secure launch and long-term peace of mind.

Smart Contract Development

SICOS' tailor-made smart contracts provide a secure and reliable backend solution for all kinds of blockchain applications.

Coordinating with various service providers

SICOS assists clients in connecting with various service providers such as cryptocurrency exchanges, technology consultants, smart contract auditors, and crypto-specific PR specialists.

Structuring Communications Material

As experienced professionals in the industry, we assist in structuring communication materials, such as white papers, roadmaps, and pitch decks in order to achieve maximum visibility and impact.

Post ICO Consultancy

Once the Token Sale is over, SICOS is available to help clients with the early stages of their project's execution. Our AI-based market analysis allows for an accurate, ongoing evaluation of the market. By coordinating crypto exchanges and exploring strategic partnerships we make sure that SICOS' projects are off to a great start.